The Daily Official List is a document containing information about all equities and debts quoted on The Nigerian Stock Exchange. The document, which is updated every day after trading, is categorised into five segments viz:

1.      Government Stocks


This segment contains the list of all quoted federal government bonds otherwise known as sovereign bonds. The table shows the coupon rate, name, maturity period and nominal value of each bond. The last time business was done and when interest on each bond is due are also reflected. The number of bonds may either increase or decrease depending on whether there is a new listing or a bond reaches maturity.

2.    State Government Bonds

Bonds issued by state governments in Nigeria are listed in this segment. Like the federal government bond sector, the name, coupon rate, nominal value and maturity period, among other information, of each bond is shown.

3.    Industrial Loans

Industrial loans are bonds issued by companies and they have characteristics of other bonds. Like the sovereign and state government bonds, information disclosed in the daily official list are name, coupon rate, maturity period, nominal value, etc. They are also delisted when they attain maturity.

4.    Preference Stocks

The stocks listed in this segment are special because they posses the characteristics of both equities and debts. Although they are also interest-bearing instruments, they may not have maturity period in which case they are said to be irredeemable. When they are irredeemable they are likened to equities that also are owned in perpetuity. Preference stocks are either:

  • Irredeemable or redeemable
  • Convertible or non-convertible

See instruments traded in the capital market for more details

Information disclosed on Preference Stocks in the Daily Official List are like the federal government bonds, industrial loans, and state government bonds earlier discussed.

5.   Equities

This segment comprises companies quoted on The Nigerian Stock Exchange. Information displayed are their names, nominal value (or public quotation price), current market price, dividend, earnings per share and price earnings ratio. Other information provided are, when business was last done on each company’s shares, the quantity and dates dividends were declared among others. The segment is further subdivided in to two broad categories i.e. the first and second tier securities sectors

  • The companies in the first tier segment are classified into thirty four (34) sub sectors ranging from banking, aviation, insurance, conglomerates, healthcare etc. These companies have the highest listing requirements. For instance among other requirements, companies in this segment provide 5 year financial statement and are normally not quoted below a nominal value of N0.50.
  • The second tier segment, also called the emerging market segment, comprises of fewer companies that are quoted with less stringent listing requirements. The companies in this segment submit 3-year financial statement and can be quoted from a nominal rate of N0.25.

Copies of this document can be obtained from any branch of the Nigerian Stock Exchange or in the national dailies.