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It is generally agreed that weak corporate governance has been responsible for some recent corporate failures in Nigeria. In order to improve corporate governance, the Securities and Exchange Commission, in September 2008, inaugurated a National Committee chaired by Mr. M. B. Mahmoud for the Review of the 2003 Code of Corporate Governance for Public Companies in Nigeria to address its weaknesses and to improve the mechanism for its enforceability. In particular, the Committee was given the mandate to identify weaknesses in, and constraints to, good corporate governance, and to examine and recommend ways of effecting greater compliance and to advise on other issues that are relevant to promoting good corporate governance practices by public companies in Nigeria, and for aligning it with international best practices. 

The Board of SEC therefore believes that this new code of corporate governance will ensure the highest standards of transparency, accountability and good corporate governance, without unduly inhibiting enterprise and innovation.

Whilst the Code is limited to public companies, the Commission would like to encourage other companies not covered by the Code to use the principles set out in the Code, where appropriate, to guide them in the conduct of their affairs.

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