Submission Of Fourth (4th) Quarter Unaudited And Annual Audited Financial Statements By Public Companies

Sequel to the Pilot Scheme on filing of Fourth (4th) Quarter and Annual Audited Financial Statements by Public Companies introduced in March 2019, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) hereby notifies all public companies of the available options on filing of 4th Quarter and Annual Audited Financial Statements:

i. To file the Unaudited Fourth (4th) Quarter Financial Statement within thirty (30) days after the Quarter end, and file Annual Audited Financial statements within ninety (90) days after the year-end:


ii. Not to file the Fourth (4th) Quarter Unaudited Returns but to file the Annual Audited Financial Statements within Sixty (60) days after the year end.

Consequently, Public Companies are advised to adopt a filing regime and strictly adhere to its preferred filing option.

Public companies should note that failure to abide by an adopted filing regime will be deemed a violation of Section 60 of the Investments and Securities Act, 2007.

January 19, 2022