Re: Warning Against Investing With Unregistered Investments Crowdfunding Platforms

The Securities and Exchange Commission (the Commission) has observed with concern the fraudulent activities of some unregistered investment crowdfunding platforms and hereby strongly advise the investing public against making investment(s) with or through any crowdfunding platform not registered with the Commission.

The Commission, in recognition of the potentials and importance of crowdfunding platforms and the need to protect investors through effective regulation, had in January 2021 published its crowdfunding rules and requested well-intending crowdfunding platforms to register with the Commission and comply with the Rules by June 30, 2021.

The Commission by this circular hereby notifies the general public and operators of unregistered crowdfunding platforms, that operating any crowdfunding platform that is not registered by the Commission is illegal and may lead to prosecution of such operators and loss of investment by their clients.

Members of the public are further advised to confirm the registration status of any entity soliciting their participation in any investment scheme by contacting the Commission through its website:, e-mail:,  Phone no: 09-4621168.




August 3, 2022