Financial Literacy Technical Committee Presents A Timely Webinar On Fintech And The Capital Market

Topic: Fintech and the Capital Market: Opportunities or Threats

Financial technology, also known as FinTech, is the use of technology to enable efficient banking and financial services. These FinTech innovations have brought about fundamental changes to the way of conducting financial-related activities. On this note, the Financial Literacy Technical Committee (FLTC), a market-wide committee of the capital market set up by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to provide market-related and people-centric information will be holding an online webinar that borders on the topic “Fintech and the Capital Market:Opportunities or Threats.” The webinar is scheduled for 15th September 2022 by 11:00 am prompt.

The webinar is coming at a time when the desire to make use of technology to complement the financial industry grew enormously in the last decade. With a good number of fintech startups and mainstream banks providing innovative digital solutions ranging from banking services, investments, and financial management, it is now imperative that cross-examination of fintech and the capital market is discussed.

The recent uprising that the relationship between the fintech and the capital market comes with threats albeit opportunities need to be carefully looked into. This will allow the teeming population to understand the basic things that needs to be understood which are projected to further promote financial inclusion and the rate at which people achieve financial stability and freedom through investments.

It is also important to note that the backwash effects of increased scams and fraudulent activities relating to fintech also make the webinar a crucial one as it is also geared towards safeguarding the interest of individuals and groups.

Webinar Objectives

With this upsurge in the use of Fintech solutions, there are further indications that it will continue to rise. This webinar has come promptly for the public to brace up for the unexpected and carefully position to maximize the opportunities that it offers. To achieve this momentous goal, here are some

of the webinar objectives;

  1. Enlighten participants on Fintech products and global trends
  2. Discuss the Fintech landscape in Nigeria, current players, and value proposition
  3. Discuss industry opportunities and challenges
  4. Address the relationship between Fintech and the capital markets, potential opportunities, and emerging threats
  5. Discuss current regulatory landscape in Nigeria, gaps, and outlook
  6. Promote financial literacy in the Fintech space in a bid to drive financial inclusion

To build a financially stable and free society, financial literacy activity such as this webinar is an important element.

It is noteworthy to state that balancing usability and security is one of the keys to a healthy relationship between the Fintech and capital market.

About the Financial Literacy Technical Committee of the Securities and Exchange Commission

Our goal as the Financial Literacy Technical Committee is to increase the level of financial literacy nationwide. As constantly exhibited by the committee, we are committed to ensuring that all stakeholders including investors, the academic community, market operators, government, the general public, etc., are appropriately and constantly educated on the activities and initiatives of the Commission. The FLTC has also been recognized for playing a lead role in achieving a financially educated society.


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