Pursuant to Section 313(6) of the Investments and Securities Act 2007, the following amendments are made by the Commission.

Amendment to Schedule I of the Rules and Regulation

The new minimum capital requirements for Capital Market Operators are    as follows:

EXISTING                                    NEW                    
1 Broker/Dealer N70 million                           N300million
2 Broker N40 million                           N200 million
3 Dealer N30 million                           N100 million
4 Issuing House N150 million                         N200 million
5 Underwriter N100 million                         N200 million
6 Registrar N50 million                           N150 million
7 Trustees N40 million                           N300 million
8 Rating Agency N20 million                           N150 million
9 Corporate Investment Adviser N5 million                             N5 million
10 Individual Investment Adviser N500,000                             N2 million
11 Fund/Portfolio Manager N20 million                           N150 million