Composition of the board of the Commission.
There shall be for the Commission a Board which shall consist of-
(a) a part-time Chairman;
(b) the Director-General and Chief executive as Accounting officer;
(c) three full time Commissioners;
(d) a representative of the Federal Ministry of Finance;
(e) a representative of the Central Bank of Nigeria; and
(f) two part-time Commissioners one of whom shall be a legal practitioner qualified
to practice in Nigeria with ten years post call experience.



The Office is responsible for coordinating the affairs of the Board, including preparation for Board meetings, acting as a liaison between the Board and Management on matters affecting the Board and providing secretarial services and support to the Board, Management, and Board Committees of the Commission; it reviews and seals all contracts and agreements submitted to and approved by the Commission. The Office achieves these vide its two Divisions; the Board Secretarial Services (BSS) Division and the Administrative Proceedings Division (APD).



The Internal Control Department monitors proper adherence to internal control procedures and established policies to ensure that the Commission’s resources are safeguarded, used economically, efficiently and effectively. The department carries out its functions through the following divisions: System Audit, Financial Audit Division, Budget Control Division.