Quarterly Returns Form for Market Operators  Broker/Dealers, Market Makers, Funds/Portfolio Managers, Issuing House, Underwriters, Trustees, State Bond Issue, Investment Advisers, Rating Agencies
SEC FORM 1 Financial Standards And Corporate Governance For Public Quoted Companies 
SEC QR FORM 4 Quarterly Returns From Registrar
SEC/MR/UT/1 Monthly Returns from Unit Trust Scheme Fund Managers
SEC/QR/UT/2 Quarterly Returns from Unit Trust Schemes Fund Managers
SEC/HYR/UT/3 Half Yearly Returns Form for Unit Trust Schemes Fund Managers 
SEC Quarterly Returns for Custodians (E-FORM) Quarterly Return by Custodians
SEC QR FORM 8 Quarterly Returns On Utilization Of Proceeds Of Offer By Issuer
Financial Performance Measurement for Insurance Financial Performance Measurement For Insurance
Appendix A1 Financial Performance Measurement For General Business
Appendix A2 Financial Performance Measurement For General Business (Manufacturing)
Appendix B Financial Performance Measurement For Banks – Half Yearly
AML Foreign Exchange Transaction Return form Foreign Exchange Transaction Returns (FTR)